Useful information

Probably each of us at least once in life will have to face the death of a loved one.

Below you will find short instructions on how to proceed in such a case:

Statement of death

  • If a person dies at home, the death must be recorded by a family doctor or, during non-working hours, by an ambulance team, who will issue a document confirming the death.
  • If a person dies in a hospital, the death is recorded by the hospital staff.
  • On the basis of a document confirming death, a medical certificate of death is issued respectively by the family doctor or the attending physician at the hospital.
  • Forsius Funeral Home can also handle all the paperwork necessary for the funeral.
  • After ascertaining death by an ambulance team or a family doctor, the transportation of the deceased to the morgue should be ordered.
  • Forsius Funeral Home will assist you with all your funeral arrangements.
  • We will find the best way to combine your wishes and possibilities so that the visitation of the deceased is worthy in all respects.
  • A funeral package ordered on our website can be paid in instalments without additional costs.

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