• coffins, urns
  • tombstones, crosses for the burial place, plates for the crosses
  • grave vases, tombstones
  • cemetery vases
  • funeral clothes (underwear, hosiery, slippers, shirts, dresses, suits)
  • mourning rosettes and ribbons
  • covers for the coffin, handkerchiefs for the earth
  • medal pillows
  • canvases, urn bags
  • transportation of the deceased to the morgue throughout Estonia around the clock
  • preservation of the deceased and related arrangements
  • funeral arrangements with cremation
  • organization of funerals with burial in the ground
  • funeral arrangements with an urn
  • organization of commemoration
  • mourning bouquets, wreaths, compositions
  • decoration of premises in the place of visitation
  • master of ceremonies
  • funeral music
  • photographer
  • benedictory cards, lyric sheets, wake invitations
  • delivery of ritual goods to the place of visitation
  • coffin-bearers
  • death announcements in the media
  • hearses, buses
  • obtaining the necessary documents for the funeral
  • funeral arrangements at home or in a nursing home
  • rental of ritual accessories (podiums for the coffin, stands for urns, candlesticks, etc.)
  • rent of a coffin made of precious wood for a funeral with cremation
  • order a hearse with a driver
  • preliminary contracts for the organization of funeral services
  • assistance in acquiring a new burial site
  • international transportation of remains around the world
  • Mercedes-Benz E-class hearse
  • Cadillac DTS hearse
  • Citroen Jumpy hearse

We offer round-the-clock transportation of the deceased throughout Estonia.
We carry out international transportation of the remains of the deceased around the world.

Detailed information and service order by phone 6400 601 or e-mail transport@forsius.ee


phone: 6400 620

E-mail: lilled@forsius.ee

The most beautiful farewell flower arrangements can be ordered at the Forsius floristic salon. We deliver all ordered compositions to the place of visitation.

  • mourning bouquets and wreaths
  • cremation funeral bouquets
  • urn decorations
  • coffin lid compositions
  • memorial table arrangements
  • information about the design of the chapel, church, visitation hall by phone: 6400 620

Transport 24h
More information 6400 601